Storing your Fine Art

Situated close to central London and Heathrow we have 50’000 square foot’s worth of storage space in Park Royal and Aylesbury. Our secure C.C.T.V operated warehouses are fitted with interchangeable racking systems, meaning you will only ever be charged for the space you occupy. We don’t just handle short term storage either. You may be looking to store artwork long-term whilst a current exhibition occupies your gallery? Or perhaps you’re a project led interior designer looking to find a home for your furniture before install day? In any case, we are confident we can support your requirements, whatever the duration of the storage.

To supplement this, why not enquire about our quality control procedures? We offer online and photographic inventories as well as a pick and pack service, allowing you to take full control over what stays and what goes. We will allocate every item with its own individual SKU number and assign it to a racking bay where our fine art handlers can pull off at request, ready for delivery.

Our real-time damage reporting tool helps us identify damage at its earliest point. We will photograph, log it and send a live update to you there and then. This reduces the risk of liability as well as saving you countless hours of administration.